The Nature and Nurture of Exceptional Teams and Cultures

Instill is announcing its seminal study on organizational culture: The Nature and Nurture of Exceptional Teams and Cultures.

This study will provide leaders data driven insights into the impact of personality (nature) and environment (nurture) on team performance.

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A Brief History

Ten years ago, Google’s project Aristotle sparked a wave of interest in team and workplace culture with the
popularization of the term “psychological safety.” It provided insight into best-practices for working within an extant team.

Since then, organizations have grown more complex with many struggling to:

1. Maintain business performance.
2. Build an inclusive organizational culture.
3. Manage new hybrid teams (remote, in-person, and hybrid).
4. Expand into a global talent pool.

This study aims to address the concerns of the modern organization and team by using a combination of science, technology, and data.

The Instill Steering Committee


Instill will use active and passive data collection methods to understand characteristics of the individual (nature) as well as the underlying working environment (nurture). Team-based performance (outcome) is tied to ROI goals for shareholder value, innovation, revenue, and employee retention.



  • HEXACO Psychometrics
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Education level
  • Socio-economic status
  • Skill sets
  • Geography
  • Partner status
  • Caretaker status



  • Intervention activities
  • Organizational values
  • Organizational structure
  • Systemic incentive structures
  • Communication platforms
  • Communication frequency
  • Communication sentiment
  • Network strength
  • Equality of team experience



  • Burnout risk
  • Organizational retention
  • Propensity for innovation
  • Mission completion
  • Psychological safety
  • Job satisfaction
  • Team chemistry
  • Empowerment
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