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Instill’s Culture Operating System™ Surgically Enhances Workplace Culture and Places Human Insights at the Forefront of Your Decision Making

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Access Scientifically Backed Culture Building Protocols in a Cloud-Based Platform

  • Codify your Mission, Vision, and Values and Keep Them Living
  • Automate Culture Onboarding

With Instill, Measure the Nuance of the Human Experience at Work

  • Receive Actionable Data and Recommendations that Learn More About your Culture Over Time
  • Benchmark Scores Over Time and Across Industries
  • Predict the Propensity for Burnout, Job Satisfaction, Innovation, and Other Key Cultural Health Indicators
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Enhance Your Culture to Accelerate Business Performance

  • Optimize Team Composition and Hire Employees That Are True Culture Additions
  • Receive Programmatic Nudges to Improve Elements of Your Culture


What security measures are in place?

Our platform is housed in AWS, which has built in support for privacy and data security, including:

  • Ability to always own your data
  • Encryption of data at rest and in transit
  • Additional encryption layers within AWS datacenters
  • Identity and access controls for data
  • Monitoring data access

How will you protect my data?

We take security seriously and encrypt all data in transit and at rest by using industry best practices and security standards. We keep data encrypted on disk, and if AWS is hacked, the data will be locked and inaccessible.

Is my data confidential?

We de-identify your data with two data management techniques:

  • Pseudonymization replaces personally identifiable information fields with artificial identifiers (pseudonyms)
  • Data aggregation compiles all the information and processes/analyzes it at the group level.

Who can access my data?

Any data collected on the Instill platform is owned by the customer. The customer controls who can access the data on their side. On the Instill side, only the Instill Steering Committee and the Instill system will have access to the data for the purposes of our workplace culture study.

What projects are on your roadmap?

The Instill Culture Operating system is a constellation of applications. Here’s what we’re currently working on...

  • Applications for Slack, Zoom, and Gmail
  • Complimentary applications for Outlook and Teams.
  • Additional encryption layers within AWS datacenters.
  • A roles and permissions based dashboard  that displays individual scores on each Continuous Assessment™ variable
  • AI that delivers recommendations to increase scores and strength company culture