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We wouldn’t call ourselves a culture company without a strong culture to back it up. Ours is rooted in respect, integrity, creative grit, and collaboration. Harnessing these values, we seek to empower people leaders to create cultures for better outcomes of inclusion, innovation, productivity, retention, and performance. We’re transforming culture management.

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Our Values
Humanity Meets Technology
We believe technology is meant to empower us, not replace us. Human interaction lies at the core of our software: it’s what we analyze and what we optmize. By supplying detailed, data-driven insights, our machine learning gives you the tools to unlock your team’s human potential.
We strive to help our clients support inclusive company cultures. But we also understand that cultures themselves, like people, aren’t homogenous. Instill is designed to support all types of cultures and differing paths to success, whether your team feels like a family or resembles a machine.
Privacy and Security
During our design process, data privacy and security were consistently top-of-mind. We prioritize your confidentiality and protect your data with industry best practices and security standards. You can read our privary and security FAQs here.
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